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Carpet care guide

Carpet care

Buying a brand new carpet can instantly transform any living space; breathing a new lease of life and making rooms appear bigger. At House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring, we understand you want your carpet to stay looking its best and with some small, regular maintenance it’s never been easier.

Prevention is key

Here at House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring we understand prevention is key and you can stop any stains or spillages in their tracks with our SOS Carpet Care Kit, available to purchase in-store and online. Our SOS Carpet Care Kit includes:

  • Carpet stain away for removing fresh stains
  • Carpet stain remover for greasy stains
  • Ox cleaner for stubborn stains including food, drink and urine.
Not all carpets are created equal

When choosing a style of carpet, please be aware that carpet samples may not be an exact colour match to the finished carpet you receive. Small changes in colour shades can occur from one production batch to another, although these changes are generally minimal. We would always advise that carpet samples should be used as a guide only to the finished product.


Over time with regular use, it is natural for carpets to flatten, but with some daily TLC you can keep this to a minimum. Regularly vacuuming your carpet will help to lift fibres back up, removing any build-up of dirt and dust, in turn helping your new carpet stay soft and sumptuous for longer.

Avoid flattening your carpet pile by regularly moving your furniture, even just a few inches can make a huge difference, as heavy items can become complacent in one spot and leave a ‘dent’. To move your furniture around with ease and reduce any dents or damage to your carpet, we would recommend using floor protectors under the legs and wheels of your furniture.


Shedding is a natural process for new carpets, occurring when new fibres work their way to the surface. This isn’t a defect in any way, but is simply excess yarns and fibres, which can easily be taken care of with regular vacuuming. Over time and after a few vacuums, you should notice that any shedding will have stopped.

Pile reversal and shading

Shading and pile reversal is completely normal and common on any type of carpet, giving the appearance of light and dark patches. This is a result of the carpet’s pile lying in different directions creating a shaded look and can easily be taken care of by brushing back small areas with your hand, so that pile lies in the same direction.


‘Pilling’ commonly occurs on loop pile and wool blend carpets, where small balls of fibre collect on the carpet surface – you’ll also notice the same thing happens to woollen jumpers after regular wear. This can easily be taken care of by cutting away any small bobbles with a pair of household scissors and shouldn’t be anything to worry about.