Carpet buying guide

Carpet buying guide

From measuring your room correctly, to finding the best flooring for your lifestyle, the carpet buying process can seem a bit confusing. Adding carpets into your home can transform a living space, creating the illusion of more space and that’s why choosing the perfect one is so important. With insider advice from our flooring experts, we are here to make the process as straightforward as possible.

In this carpet buying guide you will find everything you need to know, from the different types of carpets and underlay available, to accessories you will need, right through to the delivery and installation process.

Different carpet types

With so many different types of carpets available, it can be hard to determine which type is best suited to your lifestyle. Before you even start to look at the huge range of colours and patterns available, you need to look at different carpet ‘piles’ or the way the carpet is constructed. You also need to consider other factors such as if you have small children or pets, or if you like to be the life and soul of the party, resistance to stains and durability.

Patterned carpets

If you are looking to create a stylish focal point in living rooms, dining and bedrooms, patterned carpets, including modern striped carpets are an ideal choice. Available in a wide choice of designs and colours, patterned carpets often have a velvet finish, meaning they are not only hardwearing, but will also look good for many years to come.

At House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring, we have a wide choice of patterned carpets available from bold designs, to sleek and subtle designs, so you can make sure your room reflects your individual personality.

Top Tip Striped carpets are perfect for narrow spaces such as hallways, as they draw the eye along the length of the design, elongating the space.
Saxony carpets

Saxony carpets have a long, deep pile which make them a luxurious choice; not only are they super soft, but they are perfect to sink your feet into. Ideal for all areas around the home, excluding kitchens and bathrooms, Saxony carpets are perfect for bedrooms offering added warmth underfoot. To ensure a long life span, don’t forget to give your Saxony carpet some extra TLC with regular vacuuming to remove any footprints or marks and fluff up fibres.

Carpet close up
Twist carpets

If you are looking for a hard-wearing carpet suitable for high traffic areas, look no further than a twist carpet. This textured carpet is made from twisted fibres, which are then cut to create a deep texture and coarse appearance. Available in either plain or heathered, heathered twist carpets are perfect to disguise any stains due to their ‘mottled’ appearance – the perfect choice for hallways, stairs or dining rooms.

Cut pile carpets

Cut pile carpets start their journey as loop pile and these loops are then cut to create a twist – the tighter the twist, the more durable the carpet. Also available are stain resistant cut pile carpets to help protect against everyday stains and spills, perfect for busy homes, or homes with small children and pets.

Loop pile carpets

Loop pile or berber carpets are the perfect choice for busy family homes, being both easy to clean and maintain. Made from uncut loops of yarn to create extra durability, loop pile carpets are suitable for high traffic areas around the home, but we wouldn’t recommend using them in kitchens or bathrooms.

Top Tip If you have any feline friends roaming around the home, we wouldn’t recommend using loop pile carpets. While they are practical and durable, the loops can become caught in the claws and shorten the lifespan of your carpet.
Measuring your space

So, you have decided on a carpet type and style that is best suited to you, now it’s time to measure for your new carpet so you know exactly how much you will need. Taking measurements for carpet might seem like the most difficult part, but it is actually quite straightforward.

Measure the length and width of your room in metres, adding 10cm to both of these measurements to allow for cutting around doorways, as well as any fixtures or fittings. If you don’t feel confident taking measurements yourself, you can call our Carpet Hotline on 0800 0288 515 for more advice. Alternatively we can arrange for a House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring specialist to visit your home and measure your room for you.

Top Tip Can’t find the carpet width you’re looking for? Many of our carpet ranges are available in widths from 1m to 5m, but if you require more carpet for your room please call our Flooring Hotline on 0800 0288 515 to speak to one of our flooring experts.
Carpet samples direct to your door

Choosing a new carpet is a big decision and something that takes an extra bit of research to ensure its right. At House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring, you can request a free carpet sample online for many of our carpet ranges to see the look and feel, before you commit to buying. Select the ‘Request this Sample’ link on each carpet product page, complete your details and a carpet sample will arrive on your doorstep within a couple of days.

You can also visit your nearest House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring store to view our wide range of in store carpet samples.

Carpet underlay

At House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring we would always recommend buying or replacing underlay along with your new carpet, to ensure you get the best value for money out of your carpet and a long lifespan.

Underlay acts as a shock absorber helping to reduce noise in busy homes, as well as providing extra cushioning underfoot. Carpet underlay can also help to retain heat in your property, which in the long term could lower your energy bills. Our carpet experts will be happy to determine which type of underlay will provide the best support for your carpet, as poor quality underlay can lead to the risk of voiding your carpet warranty.

Choosing the perfect carpet style

After you have determined which carpet pile is best suited to your home and lifestyle, now comes the fun part of looking at the huge choice of colours and finishes available. Whether you already have your heart set on something simple and timeless, or you are open to experimenting with vibrant designs, at House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring, we have a huge range of plain and patterned carpets available in-store and online.

Just like the decision process for choosing which type of carpet is best suited to you, there’s a also a few things to take into consideration when choosing which colour or pattern will work best. If you regularly like to change the décor of your room, neutral or plain carpets offer more flexibility complementing a huge range of room colours. If there is going to be heavy footfall on your new carpet, we wouldn’t recommend plain carpets as they can easily show up any dirt or stains.

Patterned carpets add a stylish look to any room, but also help to disguise any stains or marks making them ideal for homes with heavy footfall. To avoid having to update your flooring too frequently, spend time looking at the different patterns available so you find one you will still love in years to come. For a more subtle take on vibrant patterns, textured carpets add an extra dimension and create a subtle focal point.

At House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring we offer two types of underlay for different carpets and usage:

  • Comfy step – 10mm thick with a 90 density, this underlay is suitable for general domestic use in bedrooms only
  • Comfy deluxe – 11mm thick with a 145 density, this underlay is suitable for heavy domestic and contract use, or rooms with concrete floors

Select your underlay in the same length and width as your carpet, and when calculating the price of your carpet you will be given the option of Comfy Step or Comfy Deluxe to add to your basket, depending on the thickness and density you require.

Carpet and flooring accessories

At House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring, we have got all your flooring needs covered with our essential range of carpet accessories to complete your look.

Gripper rods

Gripper rods are used to hold your carpet in place and should be used all around the home, except doorways where door bars are used. The gripper rods need to be 2/3 the depth of the carpet away from the wall. If in doubt, please call our Flooring Hotline on 0800 0288 515 and one of our experts will be happy to discuss how much gripper is needed for your room.

Door bars

Door bars are used to separate and hold your carpet in place, as well as finishing the end of the carpet in the doorway. Available in aluminium or brass, one of our personal shopping advisors will discuss if you need a Cover Strip, Single Edge, Double Edge or Z Edge:

  • Cover strip - soft backed carpets i.e. rubber or foam 
  • Single edge - carpet to floor or vinyl
  • Double edge - hold 2 carpets
  • Z edge - hold carpet to laminate or ceramic tile.
Laminate, wood and vinyl flooring

At House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring we also sell a wide range of wood, laminate and vinyl flooring, which is ideal for people who may not like the look of carpet.

Our range of wood and laminate flooring includes realistic hardwood and stone textures, as well as solid and engineered wood flooring, which is highly durable and suitable for high traffic areas around the home. Solid wood flooring is highly durable and adds a classic touch, with natural markings on the wood visible. As time passes and your wood flooring is exposed to natural sunlight, there can be a slight colour change, but this adds to the charm of solid wood. Laminate flooring is the perfect low-maintenance flooring choice being easy-to-clean and any spillages can also quickly be taken care of.

Top Tip We wouldn’t recommend wood or laminate flooring for homes with pets, as they can slip and slide as they roam about the house, which can scratch the surface of the wood and lead to injured paws.

Vinyl flooring is a hard-wearing, affordable flooring choice which is extremely versatile. Available in a range of finishes including wood or stone effect, vinyl flooring is softer underfoot and helps to retain heat. It’s also water resistant making it a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as busy family homes or homes with pets.

Finally, our stylish range of plain and patterned rugs are the perfect accompaniment to plain carpets creating a focal point in your room, also adding extra warmth underfoot to wood and laminate flooring.

  • How can I pay for my new carpet?

    At House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring we accept all major credit and debit cards in-store and online including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. Online, you can also pay with Paypal.

    In-store you can pay by cash, cheque or bankers draft; you can also pay for your order using your House of Fraser Recognition Mastercard and collect recognition points on your purchase. Find out more information, here.

    Alternatively, you may wish to apply for finance and take advantage of up to 2 years interest free credit, 0% APR representative, available on all sofa and flooring purchases over £250. Select the ‘Pay Monthly’ option at the shopping basket and a member of our personal shopping team will call you to walk you through the credit application and process your order.

  • When will my carpet be delivered and how much will it cost?

    Every order is tailor made to your exact requirements and we will let you know when you should expect to receive your new carpet at the point of purchase. You can find out more information on our delivery times page.

    There is a £29 delivery cost for carpets, but this may increase if you live outside of a 30-mile radius of your nearest House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring store. For properties within the London Congestion Charge Zone there is a £45 delivery cost for carpets and you can find out more about our carpet delivery charges, here.

  • Who will fit my new carpet?

    The fitting of your new carpet is not included in the carpet delivery cost, and we do not fit flooring ourselves. However, we can arrange for an independent fitter to fit your carpet for you. If you are buying online call our Carpet Hotline on 0800 0288 515 after you have placed your order. Payment for fitting will be made to your carpet fitter on the day of installation and the contract for the work is between you and the fitter. The current fitting rates for carpet are:

    • £3.00 per square metre, with a £45 minimum charge for halls, stairs and landings, or £35 for all other rooms
    • £3.00 additional surcharge per stair for fitting carpet on open plan or wrap around stairs
    • £4.00 per square metre, with a £60 minimum charge inside the M25 corridor.
  • How long is my carpet guaranteed for?

    At House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring, we offer a 12-month guarantee on any parts and labour should anything go wrong with the fitting of your new carpet. However many of our carpet ranges carry wear and stain guarantees of up to 20 years, details of which can be found in the product information when you view any of our carpets online.

  • Will you remove my old carpet and dispose of it?

    Unfortunately we do not offer an old carpet disposal service, but for an additional fee an independent fitter can uplift your flooring to make way for your brand new one. This service includes lifting the carpet and leaving it neatly rolled in an agreed area of your home for future disposal.

    However, there are many ways you can dispose of used flooring independently without incurring any additional costs. We would recommend cutting any old carpet into strips and disposing of it at your nearest waste and recycling centre or you can contact your local council to arrange collection.

    Fitting rates for flooring uplift:

    Uplift existing flooring - £1.00m2

  • How can I care for my new carpet?

    Buying a new carpet is an investment that you want to look good for many years to come. That’s why we would always recommend purchasing our SOS Carpet Care Kit to help remove any stains as soon as they occur.

    Over time new carpets can shed fibres and flatten after fitting, but regular vacuuming can help to lift carpet fibres back up and remove any excess yarn, so you carpet will stay soft and fluffy for longer. Please read our carpet care guide for more tips and advice to care for your new carpet.