Measuring for carpets and flooring

Measuring for carpets and flooring

Buying new flooring for your home can transform your living space, making rooms appear larger and refreshed. Before you start to look at the different styles and colours available, there are a few things to take into consideration, from deciding if you want carpet, wood, laminate or vinyl flooring, to then measuring your rooms.

At House of Fraser - Sofas, Furniture and Flooring, we want to ensure the delivery and installation process runs as smoothly as possible. We've put together some handy measuring tips, with advice from our flooring experts on how to measure for carpets, laminate, wood and vinyl flooring,

The smarter way to buy new flooring

1. Measure the room where your new flooring will be placed; don’t forget to add the cost of any underlay or accessories and calculate the price of your chosen flooring. Continue reading our guide for more tips on measuring below

2. You can place your order in one of our 28 stores nationwide, or through our website, the decision is completely up to you. If you are ordering online, you’ll find a handy flooring calculator on each individual product page. If you are looking to buy flooring for more than one room, we've got you covered. Simply click the 'add room' button when you have finished the order for your first room

3. After you have placed your order, a member of our personal shopping team will give you a call at the time you requested to confirm the details of your order and complete your finance application (if applicable)

4. If you don’t feel confident in your measuring skills, we would be happy to arrange for one of our surveyor’s to come out and re-measure your room

5. If you have purchased carpet or vinyl flooring, an independent fitter will visit your home within 10 working days to lay your new flooring. Find out more information on delivery times, here

6. If you have purchased laminate or wood flooring, this will be delivered to your home as soon as possible. Find out more information on delivery times, as well as delivery charges, here.

Measuring for carpets or vinyl flooring

Before you start looking at the different styles of carpet and vinyl flooring on offer, you need to measure your room where the flooring will be laid. This might seem tricky, but we’re here to help. Simply measure the length and width of your room in metres. Don’t forget to add 10cm to allow for the walls running out, as well as any fixtures or fittings.

Measuring for laminate and wood flooring

Taking measurements for laminate and wood flooring is just as easy as measuring for carpet or vinyl flooring - measure the length and width of your room, adding an extra 10cm to allow for cutting.

Our range of laminate and wood flooring comes in fixed pack sizes, and you can use our online flooring calculator to work out how many packs you need to order.

House of Fraser - Sofas, Furniture and Flooring measuring service

Buying new carpet or flooring is an investment and we understand you want to get it right first time. That's why at House of Fraser - Sofas, Furniture and Flooring, we offer a free measuring service to ensure the perfect fit.

To take advantage of this service, complete the request a call back form online when placing your order, or book an appointment with one of our experts by calling our Carpet & Flooring Hotline on 0800 0288 515.

Request a carpet sample

Make sure your new carpet fits in with your existing home décor with our free carpet sample service which is available on many of our carpet ranges. Select the 'Request sample' link on each carpet product page, complete your details and a carpet sample will arrive in the post within a few days.

You can also visit your local House of Fraser - Sofas, Furniture and Flooring store to view our wide selection of in store carpet samples.

Carpet, wood and laminate flooring underlay

At House of Fraser – Sofas, Furniture and Flooring we have a range of underlay to choose from, that can be used under carpet, laminate and wood flooring depending on your requirements.

We would always strongly recommend laying new underlay when your new carpet, wood or laminate flooring is fitted. With many benefits, underlay will also help to prolong the life of your new flooring.

Underlay will:

  • Provide extra cushioning making your carpet, wood or laminate flooring even more comfortable underfoot
  • Help to insulate your room by retaining heat, which can help to reduce your energy bills
  • Help to reduce noise – ideal for family homes and those living in flats
  • Help to prolong the life of a carpet by up to 50%
  • Act as a shock absorber for carpets, allowing them to withstand more wear and tear
  • Reduce air borne sound under laminate and wood flooring

Our carpet and flooring experts will be happy to help you determine which type of underlay is best for your carpet and provide maximum support, as poor quality underlay can lead to the risk of voiding your carpet warranty.

Flooring extras

After you've chosen the perfect carpet or flooring for your home and determined the amount you will need, we have a range of additional extras to complete your room.

Gripper rods

Gripper rods must be used all around the home, except doorways where door bars are used as this holds your carpet in place. The gripper rod needs to be 2/3 the depth of the carpet away from the wall. If you need any help, call our Flooring Hotline on 0800 0288 515 to speak to one of our experts and they will be happy to discuss how many gripper rods you would need for your room.

Door bars

Door bars finish the end of the carpet in the doorway, separating and holding your carpet in place. Available in aluminium, or brass, one of our flooring experts will be able to determine if you need a Cover Strip, Single Edge, Double Edge, or Z Edge;

Cover strip - holds soft backed carpets i.e rubber or foam
Single edge - holds carpet to floor or vinyl
Double edge - holds 2 carpets together
Z edge - holds carpet to laminate or ceramic tiles.

Cancellation and returns for flooring

At House of Fraser - Sofas, Furniture and Flooring, we understand circumstances can change unexpectedly. Up until your flooring is laid, you can cancel your order at any time. However, if the flooring has already been cut to size, this could affect the amount of reimbursement you receive. After your new flooring has been laid, you are unable to cancel your contract unless the flooring is defective. Please see our Cancellations and Returns Policy for more information.